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This category is dedicated to my work or things that I am interested in as a scientist or programmer. Yeah, working with computers is in general not considered to be science even though others might think so.

For those of you who cannot understand the pictures I painted with much love for this category:

Job Job: Here you will find information about my job(s) in general.

Research Research: This category gives a brief overview of the research fields that I am interested in. If you are not a computer scientist, you might not want to see this.

Teaching Teaching: Teaching is an integral part of scientific work. This category is dedicated to my students and provides useful links, downloads, and updates on my current courses.

Logic Algorithms Engine LAE: The Logic Algorithms Engine (LAE) is my current and probably most ambitious project. It deals with engineering algorithms that work with logic.

BossLS BossLS: BossLS is a simple local search SAT solver. If you want to know how to solve random 3-SAT fast, you check here.

EagleUP EagleUP: EagleUP is the first SLS solver (and actually the first SAT solver) I implemented. It combines a lightweight SLS approach with the simple yet effective unit propagation.

Dimetheus Dimetheus: In Dimetheus, I have realized the first hybrid SAT solver I ever implemented using SLS, CDCL, MP, and a very strong preprocessor called PRE and an inprocessor called IN. The Dimetheus solver follows the LAE design approach for highly modular solvers.

DLibTest DLibTest: DLibTest is a program I wrote in order to provide a minimum example on how to use the Dimetheus SAT solver as a library in a C software project.

RandForGen RandForGen: RandForGen is basically a bunch of Bash scripts to learn a random forest for CNF formula classification. It uses the Waffles binaries for doing that.

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