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This category is dedicated to... me. However, it will only present some things that I am interested in personally, and that do not necessarily have anything to do with my work.

For those of you who cannot understand the pictures I painted (ok, I admit it, some are not very ... articulative):

Oliver Oliver: This category gives a few details regarding my persona in general. Do not expect too much. The is just not much to say...

Log Log: If there is something I want to tell you people you gonna read about it here. However, most of it will be job related.

Motorcycle Motorcycle: Always wanted to know how I try to kill myself or where all my money goes? The answer is: fast and expensive motorcycles (along with the equipment).

Star Citizen Star Citizen: Star Citizen is my favorite computer game. I am playing it since it was in alpha stage (in late 2013).

EVE Online Eve Online: EVE Online is my second favorite computer game. I am playing it for years now. You migth want to take a look at my in-game character here.

Server Server: I am a computer scientist, and as such, need to work with computers. My personal server is both: testing area and, well, a real server (where do you think this website is coming from?).

Old School Gaming Old School Gaming: Gaming... old school. Old consoles like the SNES and games Like R-Type are the main topic here.

Dissertation Dissertation: Everything related to my Ph.D. thesis.

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